Episode 25

25. Uncover Your Life Path & Making Pivots with Chelsea Christensen

Published on: 3rd October, 2023

This week on the podcast, Monica sits down with entrepreneur, speaker, host of the Dance of Growth podcast, business coach and mentor, wife and mom of 4, Chelsea Christensen. During this episode, Chelsea shares her inspiring entrepreneurial journey and provides some great tips, thoughtful processes and tricks that you can use to figure out a path and purpose that is most aligned with your gifts and strengths.

  • 02:30 Chelsea's introduction and entrepreneurial journey
  • 10:00 Figure out what you want, the rest is figureoutable
  • 13:45 In order to create something, you need to create space
  • 22:00 Questions to ask yourself to figure out what you can do to lead a purposeful and fulfilling life
  • 26:45 Figure it out and start moving
  • 30:00 The significance of constantly growing and evolving in life

Guest Bio

Chelsea Christensen is a lifelong, multi-passionate entrepreneur. Raised by entrepreneurial parents, she always believed I could create her own path. Each business she’s created has been a stepping stone to the next. Currently she has found her place working alongside female business owners in various capacities. Alongside growing businesses over the last 17 years, she was growing babies...now teens. Chelsea is a mom to four amazing humans(including twins)! 

She is the host of The Dance of Growth podcast, which is currently ranked in the top 3% of global podcast! Each week she interview guests and focus on growth in all forms. Together they encourage listeners to embrace all experiences and seasons, as a gift to grow.

 If she is not podcasting or managing her screen printing company, she’s in the field, coaching women. Her focus is to help women release fear and overwhelm, to give them the thing they really want- Power in their purpose.

Connect with Chelsea

IG: @chelseachristensen

Podcast: Dance of Growth

Website: www.chelseachristensen.com

Connect with Monica

IG: @confidence.counsel

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