Episode 20

20. An Opportunity on the Beach (Update with Jessica Rachel)

Published on: 22nd August, 2023

On this week's episode, Monica catches up with psychic medium, Jessica Rachel, for a long awaited follow-up episode based on a channelled message that Jessica gave Monica on Episode 14 of the podcast about an opportunity on the beach!

Haven't listened to Episode 14 yet? Listen here!

Guest Bio:

Jessica Rachel is a psychic medium and intuitive coach. She is here to channel divine guidance from your spirit guides so that you can become the truest and most aligned version of yourself in this life. Jessica truly believes that her intuitive gifts are not unique and that everyone can access their spirit guides. She has made it her mission to help everyone discover their own intuitive power and trust that the answers they seek are always within them. 

Connect with Jessica:

Book a reading with Jessica and get 10% off of your session using coupon code CCPODCAST (all caps) at www.jessicarachel.co

IG: @iamjessicarachel

Connect with Monica

IG: @confidence.counsel

Email: monica@confidencecounsel.com

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