Episode 30

30. The Power of Internal vs. External Validation

Published on: 28th November, 2023

In this solo episode, Monica dives into the transformative journey of shifting from external to internal validation, exploring the insatiable quest for 'more' in the pursuit of happiness. During this episode, Monica shares a decade-long personal narrative of seeking fulfillment through achievements like a high-paying job, marriage, promotions, and more. Discover the pivotal realization that lasting contentment comes from within and stick around for some practical tips, including mindfulness, gratitude practices, connecting with nature, and the importance of self-care to help obtain that inner peace now.

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Confidence Counsel
Embrace your most authentic self and take bold action toward your dream life!
Confidence Counsel is a personal development podcast created for busy working moms who value the importance of pouring into their own cup first. The podcast offers short (<15 min.) pep talks that dive into mindset, confidence, spirituality and being your best self in every aspect of your life.

Each week, Monica Burkoth, a successful trial lawyer, mom of 3, life coach and wife provides you with actionable steps to start showing up as your highest self so that you can turn your dreams into reality.

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Monica Burkoth

Monica Burkoth is a successful trial attorney who lives in Chicago with her husband and two children. For the past ten years, Monica has dedicated her professional career to the law. For years, she has been been recognized by multiple publications as an "Emerging Lawyer" , "Rising Star" and "One to Watch". In 2022, Monica was named one of the top forty attorneys under the age of 40, a very prestigious recognition among the legal community.

After becoming a mom in 2020, Monica became inspired to find a way to channel her career success into life success. In addition to working full-time as a trial lawyer and being a mom of a 2 and 1 year old, Monica founded this podcast as a way to connect, inspire and motivate other women to live their best lives. This podcast combines Monica's passions for storytelling, self development, modern spirituality and female empowerment.